BFC Supported Missions

The Builders for Christ Men's Fellowship of Central Kentucky participates actively in fulfilling the Great Commission given by Jesus to all Christians, as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20. It is our conviction that every Christian is called to this effort of Kingdom work, and that financial resources are entrusted to our care and stewardship to aid in fulfilling this commission. Therefore, BFC invests these resources in the following Kingdom efforts:

Preaching Student Scholarship

Builders for Christ provide financial support to young men from our fellowship of Churches who are actively attending a Restoration Bible College in preparation for ministry. Eligibility for the annual scholarship is based upon an application review and criteria established by the BFC, as reviewed by the executive committee. Applicants may request an application from any BFC member. Scholarship amounts vary based upon elligible recipients and the total offering received for the scholarship during our June meeting.

Cane Ridge Meeting House

Each Fall the BFC has a special fellowship meeting at the old Cane Ridge Meeting House, in Paris, KY. Dinner on the grounds and an opportunity to be instructed in the Scripture within the walls of the meeting house create a sense of heritage for our members and remind us to be actively participating in the effort of restoring the beliefs and practices of our personal faith, and the corporate practices and teachings of our congregations to the "Primitive Faith" of the New Testament only. For more information about the Cane Ridge Meeting House, click HERE.