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The Builders for Christ Men's Fellowship of Central Kentucky provides the following resources for personal or group study. These resources are available at no cost, provided they are not sold or published for distribution without prior written authorization of the author. Resources must not be edited and must retain credit of authorship.

To open, simply click the title of the resource, next to the author's name. To download, right click the resource title and select "Save as" and the resource will download.

College Press Commentaries

College Press Commentaries: Some of the best Bible commentaries from Restoration Authors

Articles by Bro. George Stewart

Bro. George Stewart has resources available for sale, and may be contacted at the following email address. Simply click the thumbnail image below for an enlarged view. NEW commentary on Revelation by Bro. George Stewart is now available for purchase by contacting Bro. George.

George Stewart Resources

Articles by Various Restoration Authors

Study Resources